Establishing a business in Belgium

If you want to establish a law-firm, or if you are a manager, or a existing non profit association, we can help. We offer guidance for establishing, managing and growing your business. Whether you are based in Brussels or anywhere else in Belgium, we have the expertise to help you run your business successfully.

The field changes all the time, so it is very important to have up-to-date advice. We follow specialized training courses to keep up with all the latest changes on the national AND local level. Our accounting experience spans many fields, so we are to provide advice that is specific to your situation.


Larger businesses

If you are a larger business that is already established in Belgium, we will be glad to help you draw up a financial plan. We also provide support for bookkeeping and tax advice for (larger) commercial, craft or industrial activities.
Every business had it’s own specific cost structure and profit margins. The bookkeeping and tax guidance required by a restaurant is different from an import/export business. This is why we think it’s very important to provide a personalized approach, in dialogue with the client.


Self-employed people (free agents)

If you are a foreign entrepreneur and are considering establishing yourself in Belgium, you have come to the right address with us. Whether you are self-employed on a temporary or permanent basis, we are able to assist you.

We have extensive experience in the sectors of IT, management and consultancy, as well as in lots of other areas.

We will support you through the administrative procedure of setting up an establishment or to launch new business or activity in Belgium. In addition, we will prepare your submissions for the tax administration.

We will be glad to draw up a suitable and detailed financial plan for you. As a self-employed person or business manager, you want to start with a reliable budget analysis, and a valid forecast of income taxes & social security contributions.

Advice is offered for VAT, tax consulting, law and business management and much more. A clear view on legal and fiscal matters is crucial to starting and running a business successfully.


Non-profit associations

By default, Belgian non-profits (NGOs) do NOT pay income tax, even if the service year concludes with a profit. Surpluses may be carried forward to the next financial year WITHOUT paying income tax. The essential criterion here is the lack of profit motive and the complete absence of any intention to distribute profits to the members.
It should be noted that there are some exceptions (e.g. certain real-estate transactions), but these are infrequent.

It is very important to draw a proper distinction between the exemption in terms of the payment of income tax (on profits, the so-called ‘not for profit bonus’ at the end of the financial year) and the exemption to the charging of 21% Belgian VAT on that income. NGOs are by default subject to VAT, although they are sometimes exempted. We are glad provide more specific information for your NGO’s situation.

Cludts Accountant and Tax Adviser works for a number of non-profit associations who never pay income tax. However, their actions are subject (either partially or completely) to the legislation on VAT. A good analysis of the activities is important here, along with complete knowledge of the working conditions specific to the non-profit association for the sake of being able to provide correct advice. We will be glad to help you in this connection.


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